About me? jenny

Well no, it’s really about you!

It’s about your unbelievable trust in my designs to help you look good.

But if had to talk about me, it would go a little something like this:

Artist Statement:     Stones seduce me; they literally give me chills just looking at them. Not the clear ones like ruby, diamonds, emeralds; the opaque ones like jaspers, opals, agates, and the less familiar ones including gaspeite, Dalmatian and Chinese writing stone. I love the history shown in the pattern of every stone, the story they tell.  My current work focuses on combinations of stones; colors and patterns I feel go well together. More than matching in the traditional sense, I complement and contrast elements creating my vision.

Medium: Hand-Fabricated Metal Jewelry

Method of Production:  I use an oxygen/acetylene torch to appliqué the metal together. I work with various hammers, pliers, tweezers, stamps and blocks to texture, shape, form, and manipulate the metal into the final result. The work is tumbled in stainless steel shot, then polished with a two-stage process, using different rouge compounds. I do all work without outside assistance.

Materials:      Metals: Sterling Silver, 14K Gold-filled, with additions of semi-precious stones including jaspers, agates, various polished minerals, shells, and bone.

Educational Statement:    I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Minnesota in Sculpture and Glass. I trained on the job in a production jewelry studio for 9 years before branching out on my own.  My aesthetic education has been influenced by my involvement with the Minnesota Crafts Council including six years as a board member; my participation since 1990 in national art fairs, as well as workshops taken along the way.