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Stop Procrastinating!

October 28, 2013

Tackle those things on your list that you have been putting off. I have been working in my studio today. I still haven’t unpacked all the boxes marked ‘studio’ from my move this past June. It is amazing how much more familiar and at home you feel when you ┬áhave your ‘things’ around you! I have missed some of these familiar friends.

We cannot reach our full potential when we ignore what must be done. Having my tools around me is crucial. I spend more time looking for items I can’t figure out which box they are in, than I do actually making jewelry. So today I’ve unpacked my studio books, the rest of my tools, and hung up my bottle opener. That’s kinda funny considering how many bottles these days are screw caps. It has it’s spot. On a nail at the top of the door frame. It’s familiar. It’s home.