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Straddling the Fence

October 2, 2013

So the economy tanks a bit and I start thinking, what else can I do? Last week I took a workshop on resume building, skill identification, and interviewing. When you think about almost 30 years of self-employment, you acquire a few skills along the way. What I hadn’t been able to figure out was the words. Funny, I use words all the time. I knew I should be able to apply for a number of jobs, but couldn’t narrow down a field to apply in. After this workshop, I can stand a little taller with confidence. I am very employable. I also reaffirmed what an honor it is to be self-employed as an artist. That’s a skill no one can take from you.

Yesterday my Aunt Jean turned  95 years old, she lives by herself and still drives. What a good example. Today I am in my studio soldering, hoping to make it through the art fair weekend.  I’m working on 6 pendants that will be ready for the show. Plus what I make tomorrow. Now, if I can find enough warm clothing for the weather they are predicting, it will be a stellar weekend!