Stone Swing

_IGP52441Morrisonite Jasper, Mexican Opal and Larimar Pendant. Why am I reminded of a trapeze when I look at this pendant? I feel like doing a hand stand on the parallel bars. Maybe I was a gymnast in another time and place, swinging through life with grace and style. And Stone Swing has style.

Slender Elegance

_IGP52461Dalmation Stone, Petrified Palmwood and Cultured Pearl Pendant. I realize my jewelry takes a special person to wear and carry off. A lot of my pieces are very bold and in your face. This piece was an attempt to make something a little smaller and more dainty. As you can see, it is a little more slender than a lot of my work, and has movement too. A little smaller? I’m not so sure. It looks great!

Deadline, Gotta Go

_IGP52471Black Onyx, Tourmaline and Larimar pendant. I was working in my studio one night before a show, trying to get more pieces finished. Hurry, hurry, hurry. All these elements were on my work table, parts and pieces just waiting to be finished. On this particular evening they kept saying, “Pick me, pick me!” So I did, and look how well it turned out!

In House

_IGP52481Morrisonite Jasper, Bruneau Jasper, and Petrified Palmwood Pendant. People love this pendant! It brings many comments at many shows. I’m thinking it might be a bit intimidating since I still have it. Are you the one I’ve been holding this for? Morrisonite Jasper is from the Morrison ranch in Oregon, Bruneau is a fancy way of spelling Bruno, which is on the map, about a half hour south of Boise, ID, and the Palmwood comes form the Lousianna/Texas area of the United States.

Summer Set


Larimar, Variscite, Baltic Amber earrings, pendant, and bracelet. For me, this is matching. It reminds me of water, and sand, and sky. When we apply to shows we need to show the jurors a range of our work. I could never figure out how to show my earrings to their best advantage. Another jeweler suggested taking a photo of a set. This is the result. This is how I would wear them together. My sense of matching. I’m not sure the jurors felt the same. What do you think?

Set and Match

_IGP52531Cultured Pearl, Petrified Palmwood, Norwegian Moonstone, Zebra Jasper earrings, and Dalmation Stone. Often when on deadline, trying to work quickly, I will bump a tray of work and items will shift. I had two gorgeous pairs of earrings ready to go when the spotted Dalmation Stone and the grey Norwegian Moonstone wanted to be part of things. Sometimes I’m smart enough to listen to the stones, in this case these two pendants were the results.