Various Jaspers and Moonstones. Like any field, the more you know about it, the more layers there are to uncover. The top bracelet shows a variety of jaspers. Not just your old red jasper here! The center stone almost looks like the sky. The center bracelet is my personal one. My collection. Mine. Which leaves the Moonstone piece on the bottom. I delivered this bracelet to a parking lot. Our cars drove up, drivers side windows rolled down, the exchange was made, money for product, and we drove off. I felt like I should be wearing a trench coat. Some lucky lady had a very special Christmas!


Australian Boulder Opal, Peridot, Garnet, Link Bracelets. Stones, I have lots of stones. Pretty stones, sparkly stones. I should have been a magpie! One day I realized I was collecting little stones. I kept using the bigger ones first, and never the small ones. Well, look what happens when you actually do. Great results!


Garnet earrings; Montana Agate and Garnet Bracelet. A few years back I drove out to Idaho for a show and got pulled over for speeding in Montana. Now, it’s not as exciting as it sounds, I was only going 48 mph on the highway. In a 35 mph work zone. I had taken my foot off the gas, but hadn’t applied the brake. The cop sitting there noticed. Anyway, after talking to him, I pulled off at the next exit to get gas and stopped in this little rock shop where I found these cool agates.


Larimar, Variscite, Baltic Amber earrings, pendant, and bracelet. For me, this is matching. It reminds me of water, and sand, and sky. When we apply to shows we need to show the jurors a range of our work. I could never figure out how to show my earrings to their best advantage. Another jeweler suggested taking a photo of a set. This is the result. This is how I would wear them together. My sense of matching. I’m not sure the jurors felt the same. What do you think?


Morrisonite Jasper, Mexican Opal and Larimar Pendant. Why am I reminded of a trapeze when I look at this pendant? I feel like doing a hand stand on the parallel bars. Maybe I was a gymnast in another time and place, swinging through life with grace and style. And Stone Swing has style.


Charoite, Larimar, and Black Onyx Pendant. Visualize wearing a sundress with a pair of heels, put this pendant on an omega collar and WOW! Now move to a soft blouse and a blazer wear this on a longer chain, stunning! The colors are powerful, the energy is dynamic, wear this piece with an attitude and enjoy.


Larimar and Gaspeite Pendant.

I did a show in Telluride, CO a few years ago. We needed to ride the gondolas to the top of the mountain with all of our show items every day. You start to rethink what you leave in your booth and what you carry back to your hotel room each night. I met a couple there from Virginia who fell in love with this piece. This now belongs to Julie.


Dalmation Stone, Petrified Palmwood and Cultured Pearl Pendant. I realize my jewelry takes a special person to wear and carry off. A lot of my pieces are very bold and in your face. This piece was an attempt to make something a little smaller and more dainty. As you can see, it is a little more slender than a lot of my work, and has movement too. A little smaller? I’m not so sure. It looks great!


Black Onyx, Tourmaline and Larimar pendant. I was working in my studio one night before a show, trying to get more pieces finished. Hurry, hurry, hurry. All these elements were on my work table, parts and pieces just waiting to be finished. On this particular evening they kept saying, “Pick me, pick me!” So I did, and look how well it turned out!


Gaspeite and Amethyst Pendant. How could I not choose to work with a stone as stunning as the blue Larimar? It is gorgeous! Purple, green and blue have always worked well together for me. The contrast between the Gaspeite and Larimar. The added sparkle of the Amethyst. I was really excited with the final results. Man, I’m good!


JMML Designs is located in beautiful Minneapolis, MN, the City of Lakes. Sometimes it feels like it is a sweat shop, although that might just be because there is no air conditioning in my studio. So, you open a window, throw on a bandanna in an outfit contrasting color as a sweat band, and get busy.

Feel free to give me a jingle at 612-729-1458. Believe it or not, there is an answering machine on the land line if I’m not around. I will get your message. (Unless it accidentally gets deleted by pushing the wrong button.)